Whales - The Majesty of Nature

Whale Watching

Whales have held fascination for many people around the world for years. The majesty, grace, and power of the creatures astound us and we desire to understand more about them. In many parts of the world you can find opportunities for whale watching tours, such as on the East coast of Australia and in parts of Canada. Significant whale sightings are often seen in news reports as well. They are truly marvellous creatures that are commonly perceived as gentle giants.

Whale watching allows people to see first hand these awesome animals in nature. It is a unique experience to see the real thing with your own eyes and every year thousands of people experience this. It has been described as an unforgettable experience by those who have been and as something that would be a great experience by those who have not. The mystery, grace, and power of whales attract all kinds of people and whale watching tours are always very popular amongst tourists.

Whale watching is an activity that’s popularity is based on the timeless beauty of the creatures, thus it is something that will exist as long as whales do as many species of whales are now endangered. People will never grow tired of the sight of a whale leaping from the ocean depths only to crash back into; it is a display of nature that is both humbling and awesome.

Whale Pictures

Wildlife photography is both a popular hobby and a colourful career. Documenting nature is something that interests many people, and with photographs people all over the world can witness the marvels of nature. In the case of whale pictures it means that someone, either with television, books, or the internet, can experience the visual displays that fascinate and excite people all around the world.

The power of whales is always astonishing. The way they launch themselves out of the ocean in such a remarkable display is always an amazing sight to behold. It attracts many people, from tourists to documentary makers and photographers. Even viewing photographs of these magnificent creatures shows the details of a show that excites and astonishes, an incredible moment in nature captured forever. This is just one reason why whales are such well documented creatures.

By capturing whales in pictures it is possible to freeze the magnificence of these animals in time so all may enjoy the sight of one of the most mysterious and powerful creatures on Earth. They can be appreciated and respected by people who have never even seen a whale in their lives, but by seeing images of them in action it make them feel almost as though they were there.

Whale Songs

Whale songs are haunting sounds that most people would be familiar with. A lot of mystery still surrounds the whale song but increasingly scientists are deciphering the meaning behind it and how the sound is produced.

It is widely accepted that whale moans are essential in communication, such as attracting a sexual partner, and in environmental perception because it is believed that at least most species of whale have poor eyesight. This makes it an important tool for whales and can only increase a sense of wonder about the creatures. Such large and powerful animals have such a sensitive physical trait, a sensory system so vastly different from most other creatures on Earth. The utilisation of sound not just to communicate but to perceive and navigate the world around them is entirely fascinating.

The multiple uses of whale songs make it one of the most complex mechanisms in the animal kingdom, whereas the haunting beauty of the sound leaves human beings marvelled by the grace and power of these animals. The whale song is something that is as mysterious as it is engaging and will have scientist, researchers, and everyone else mesmerized in times to come.

Humpback Whales

Humpback whales are magnificent creatures whose displays attract many people, whether they are researchers or tourists. They have an enormous range that expands over the entire ocean so it is possible to see them in any ocean, making them common attractions for whale watching groups.

Humpback whales are unique in their appearance and instantly recognisable. They have lumps over their head and jaws called tubercles that are a major identifier known to many people. They have fluked tails with ridges along the edge, each being unique to the individual whale. They can grow to more than 50 feet in length and weigh in excess of 40,000 kilograms. While new research is undertaken into the age span of Humpbacks it is believed that it is possible for them to exceed 100 years of age, with the average presently being believed to be 50 to 60 years.

The song of the Humpback whale, though the exact mechanics of its production are not entirely known, is highly complex and made up of a series of low exhaled tones and clicks. The Humpback can “sing” for up to 24 hours at a time. It is believed that the songs is used in communication, the mating process (“flirting”), and even the establishment of identity and dominance.

The Humpback whale is a magnificent creature that displays power and grace in the ocean. It is a welcome sight for researchers and tourists and with new protection laws on the horizon the species should continue to thrive.